Time for some introductions

Mike Lord - Creative Director

Mike Lord – Creative Director

Mike Lord – Creative Director

Mike has been producing videos for charities, non-profits and businesses for four years now.

Before working for Blue Lotus Media, he worked in charity management in London, where, amongst other things, he was responsible for fundraising and donor relations. This makes him the perfect person to produce videos for charities and non-profits.

When he’s not working he likes to brew his own beer and act in amateur theatre.


How we got our name

Tintin and the Blue Lotus coverWhy Blue Lotus Media? Do we drive the eponymous sports car? Sadly, not yet. Here’s the real reason…

Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you that thinking up a name for a new business can be one of the most difficult parts of the whole process.

We had reached the ‘tearing-our-hair-out’ stage when Mike saw his children reading the Tintin adventure story, The Blue Lotus. Inspiration struck and Mike thought ‘Blue Lotus would be a cool name for our video firm.’

In the original story the Blue Lotus is the name of a Chinese night club (or opium den to be more precise), but don’t read anything into that. It’s a cool car and a cool flower. End of.