Planning Your Video

Planning your video production – how we work with your business, charity or college

It starts with a phone call…

After a new client has contacted us for an initial chat over the phone, we arrange for a face-to-face meeting to explain how we work, enable us to gather more information about the sort of video production that you are looking to commission, and find out the timetable you have in mind. We email you a quotation (with our terms and conditions) for approval. If you are happy to proceed, we’ll ask you to pay a 25% instalment of the quoted fee up front to secure the booking.

Face-to-face storyline meeting

We then arrange a face-to-face ‘storyline’ meeting to gather detailed information about your aims and objectives for the video, the main messages and marketing points to be conveyed, detailed information about who is to appear in the video, filming locations, creative ideas relating to the style and structure of your video. It’s our chance to learn more about your business or organisation, image, marketing priorities etc., so that the video has the best possible fit with your objectives.

Agreeing the storyline document

On the basis of this meeting, we produce a ‘storyline’ document. This sets out the structure of the video and details, scene-by-scene, the principal marketing points to be made, who appears in each scene, and where it is to be filmed, in line with what we have already discussed. This provides you and us with clarity – we all know exactly what the end product is supposed to be like. At this stage, the client is free to make or suggest changes, perhaps quite large ones, and this could involve further discussion by phone or email. However, once the client has signed off the ‘storyline’ document, the video’s basic shape and purpose are fixed.

Setting up interviews and filming locations

The next stage is to set up any interviews (and most corporate videos have them). The interviewees could be you and/or your staff, customers of yours, third parties, or any combination of those. They will need to be briefed on what is required, initially by you, but then, in more detail, by us. Any necessary permissions from the interviewees will need to be obtained by you (we can give some guidance on this). Filming locations will be arranged (and relevant permissions obtained if necessary) by you, again with guidance from us if required.

Shooting the video

Filming then takes place.

Editing: the rough cut and the final cut

The process of editing begins. We produce a rough cut for the client to see, within an agreed time frame, which is viewed on a password-protected platform. At this stage, minor editing changes can be made to produce a final cut. Typically, these involve the choice of music track, credits and titles, but also particular video clips may have issues that need to be addressed with some fine tuning and tweaking of the content.

Signing off…

Once you’ve signed off the final cut, the balance of our fee is paid and the video is then released to you in whichever format you have chosen. Voila!