Better alumni engagement for your university


Blue Lotus Media specialises in producing marketing videos for universities and schools, and for other charitable and non-profit organisations.

If you are part of your university’s development department or alumni relations office, we can help you produce great video content for your website, and social media and online campaigns.

How your life can be made easier by our fundraising experience

There are so many video production companies around. Why should you choose to work with Blue Lotus Media? Listen to our Creative Director Mike Lord.

‘Let me tell you something about my past.

‘Before I worked for Blue Lotus Media, I was the General Manager of a small charity in London. I had a load of responsibilities, but high up the list of priorities was fundraising and donor relations.

‘I was responsible for attracting new supporters and benefactors. It was also part of my job to retain our existing benefactors (I know! Never an easy task). I had to organise annual appeals and work to boost regular monthly giving. I also planned big charity events and got involved in campaigns to encourage legacies. I could go on…

‘The bottom line is this: I know from personal experience what it’s like to be in your shoes.

‘But I also know how to produce professional videos, on time and in budget.

‘Now do you see how I could help you? Can you imagine how easy it’s going to be to work with me?’

You’ll find us friendly and easy to deal with

We have a reputation for being friendly and easy to get on with. For many clients, this is very important. Working with us has been called ‘a very easy process and a very friendly process’. We’ve also been described as ‘very hassle-free’.

Outsourcing your video production to an independent producer is something you need to get right. We are a business that prides itself on making your experience easier, more enjoyable and more productive.

Save yourself time and worry

Maybe you’ve used other video companies before and weren’t completely satisfied. Perhaps you’re simply considering your options. Or perhaps you haven’t commissioned a video before and want some more information about what is involved and how it would work for you. Whatever your reason for visiting our website, we’d enjoy having the chance of a chat with you.

Phone our creative Director, Mike Lord, direct on 07467 037773 or email us.